Jyväskylä, Finland


Last updated: 5.6.2023

I’m an active coder and entrepreneur in the blockchain and Bitcoin industry. I currently work as Lead DevOps in Coinmotion Oy. I’m security-oriented and like technology. Constant self-improvement and education are one of my goals.

I have been in the Bitcoin sector since 2011 and have seen the development of this new technology from the beginning. I have been contributing to the Bitcoin community with my skills through Coinmotion (Former Prasos) since 2012.

I have been an entrepreneur and co-founder of Prasos OY and I have in-depth experience about a variety of tools and services needed to run small and startup companies. Fast ability to adopt new tools and platforms is a skill that is useful in the variable field of the blockchain sector. During the last ten years, I have cultivated that skill highly. I have trying to always be ready to improve productivity, elimination of errors and waste of time. 

I am married and father of three children. Currently living in the beautiful city of Jyväskylä in central Finland with my family. I am Christian man, doing my best, working hard, and same time recognizing that I am completely dependant of the mercy of God. I am not engaged in party politics at all. However, I am conservative right wing capitalist.

A wise man’s heart inclines him to the right, but a fool’s heart to the left.

Ecclesiastes 10:2



  • WordPress (Dynamic & Static)
  • JavaScript, Angular, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery
  • Java, Python
  • Selenium robotframework frontend testing


  • PHP
  • SQL (MySQL/MariaDB & PostgreSQL)
  • Nginx, Apache & OpenLiteSpeed
  • Kubernetes & Docker
  • SSL / HTTPS / Certs ( RS free Let’s Encrypt
  • Sendgrid and email admin (DMARC, DKIM, SPF, MTS, BIMI)
  • Google Cloud Platform


  • Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and other)
  • MacOS, iOS
    • Apple Business Manager
    • Apple Developer (Xcode & AppStore Connect)
  • Android (With Google device management)
  • Virtualization (VirtualBox & Parallels)
  • Infosec (bug hunting, practices)
  • Tor, VPN, multi-hopping and anonymization
  • Crypt & decrypt, secure storage
  • Bitcoin (Bitcoind, Segwit, Lightning, multisig, hardware)
  • Physical Bitcoins
  • Blockchain (Analysis, mining, mixing)

Development tools: Git & Gitlab, Trello

Organizational tools: 

  • 10+ years experience of Google Business administration
  • Microsoft Intune, MDM & Azure AD
  • Office IT Management (OS installs, backups, networking)
  • Cloudflare and Zendesk administration


  • Software Developer / Karelia University of Applied Science, 2009
  • Army Clerk / Kainuu Brigade, 2009 (Data processing & telecommunications)
  • Automation Technician / Ylä-Savo Ammattiopisto, 2005 


  • Founder of Coinmotion Ltd. (Former Prasos OY)
  • Board member / Prasos Ltd., 2012 – 2019
  • Chief operative officer / Prasos Ltd., 2012 – 2015
  • Bitcoin ATM mechanic, 2013 – 2020
  • Chief Production Officer / Prasos Ltd., 2015 – 2020
  • Executive team Prasos, 2018 – 2019
  • Food supplement trade and E-commerce, 2013-2016
  • Software Developer, 2012 – 2023
  • System Admin, 2022 – Now
  • Senior Information Security Specialist, 2023 – Now
  • Martial Arts (Judo, JKD, Thai Boxing)
  • Regeneration, 2017 – Everlasting
  • Reformed Baptist, 2018 – Now
  • Deacon of Jyväskylä Reformed Baptist Church, 2021 – Now